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About Us

A little bit more about who we are !

Growing minds, Building characters, encouraging creativity.

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Our Philosophy

Our family have been involved with Pre-primary education for over 60 years. My mother had two schools in Vredenberg originally and then another school in Durban for 30 years. My sister has had a school for 23 years and Wonderland our own school has been running for the last 18 years. From the humble beginnings of a small school of 20 children on Circle road in Tableview, we built our new school here in Sunningdale some 5 years ago. 

Our philosophy can be summed up in the following ethos :

* We love our jobs and our children

*Each child is unique and demands unique attention, love      and care.

*The health and safety of children always come first

* Happy and confident learners

* Caring, respectful and growing together

* Growing minds, Building Character  and encouraging            creativity

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Covid-19 Health & Safety

The COVID 19 Pandemic has had a devastating effect on our industry, our country and peoples lives in general. It is our wish to provide a safe and secure environment for children to attend our facility. With the above in mind, we have to implement Standard Operating Procedures that conform to the Department of Social Developments Standard operating procedures as well as that of the Department of Health. 

We prescreen all children before entering our facility, using our SAFE app for both pre-screening and temperature checks at least 3 times a day throughout the day. We sanitize all children's hands as well as toys, equipment, surfaces, toilets and more on a daily basis.

Our prescreening and temperature checks are logged on our database daily.