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Combining Creativity & Learning


At Wonderland  Educare we believe our young ones need to  be able to express their creativity, through fun artistic activities that allow our little ones to express there inner artist.


At Sunningdale creche we believe music is a fun way of learning, By clapping and singing along to a few of our favourite songs our little ones have the opportunity to learn new words and engage with one another through music.


At Wonderland Educare we also offer extra-mural activities for our littles ones. This includes soccer stars, playball, stretch n grow ,ballet and more fun movement activities!  


Even though we love to play and sing we also believe that learning skills like language is important. All of our classes touch on language in various ways to help grow the minds through the use of words. We also have our own reading program


Mathematics is something that our more older classes focus on, learning to count to 100 and so much more. Our maths is taught in a fun way yet still academic and engaging.

Outside Play

Everyday we offer at least 1 hour of outside play. This is crucial to stimulating the minds of our young learners. and building physically strong bodies.

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