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 We are Accepting Applications for this Year!

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Due to the success and popularity of Wonderland Educare it is always important to secure your child's  position at the school in advance.In order to facilitate this process we would like to have an interview with you and show you our facility. 

Enrolment Forms can be attained from our Office on Enrolment. Please note on our enrolment form ,that each and every page must be initialed and where required the necessary full signature

When applying please ensure your child's enrolment form also has a copy of all the items below attached to the document:

Birth Certificate

Immunisation Form

School Reports

Photo ( Head Shot)

Copy of ID from Mom or Dad

If going into  Pre-Grade R  or Grade R, a copy of an Unabridged Birth Certificate

Copy of Proof of Address

The enrollment fee is required with your form (Contact Beverley for more information) to secure your position at the school


Wonderland Educare is a fully accredited ECD centre with approval from the Department of Health, the Department of Social Development, and is also registered as an Independent School with the Western Cape Department of Education. 

Looking to enrol your child - call us  to find out more about our school fees and positions available:

021 554 4804

or email us to set up an appointment

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  • How are school fees calculated?
    School fees are calculated for each child on a monthly basis by month for 12 months
  • Are there any discounts for payments in full for the year?
    There is a 5% discount for payment upfront for the year
  • Is there any discounts for siblings
    There is a 5% discount for siblings . One child pays a full fee the second child pays a full fee less 5% per month
  • What must I bring to school for my child on a daily basis.
    Nothing is required , except wet wipes and formula( if not on solids yet), and a change of clothes if you are in the baby class. A change of clothes and underwear in case of an "oopsie" at school for other classes A blanket in Winter if you want to. No food is required except for a yoghurt snack at 10 am in the morning which you must supply for the week..You can bring a 6 pack for the week.
  • My child is not potty trained ,can they still come to school."
    This is not a problem. We potty train your child at school, and although each child is different they should be potty trained with 3 to 4 weeks.We also have a brouchure showing you the Wonderland way for practise at home.
  • Is there any fee for a late collection after 5.30 pm
    There is a late collection fee of R 100 for late collection. This is given to the teacher who has had to stay at school to watch your child during this time. Please understand that Teachers are also moms and have families and we want to discourage late collections as they do work a long day.
  • What time do you open and close
    We open at 6.30 am Monday to Friday We close at 6.00 pm Monday to Friday We are closed for 2 weeks in December ( for annual Holidays) We are closed on Public Holidays and occassional school holidays. We will always inform you prior to the time.
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