Meet the Team

Dedicated & Motivated

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Beverley Manson

Principal & Owner

Hi , I am Beverly Manson the Principal and owner of Wonderland Educare. I look forward to you visiting our school to see how we can help you to facilitate the growth of your child for the next 5 years.

My husband Frank is the Chairman of the ECD Forum for the Greater Tableview area and has many years experience in dealing with regulatory issues and has been awarded commendations from both the Dept of Social Development and Basic Education.

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Cecilia Zulu

Office Manager

Cecilia is part of our management team at Wonderland and has been with us for the past 13 years. Cecilia has taught classes before, and understands what is required both in the class and out of the class to ensure the highest standard is maintained.She is an asset to the team and can answer any question you may have if Beverley is not available. Please feel free to call her

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Annali Botes

Grade R Lead Teacher

Annali has an NQF level 5 qualification in Early Childhood Development as well as an N6 in Educare. Annali has been with us since we started some 18 years ago.



Blue Class Lead Teacher

Jamie is a new member of our team and teachers our 4-5 year old class. 

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Red Class Lead Teacher

Marie-Cha is our 3-4 year old class teacher,with an NQF Level 4 Early Childhood Development

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Green  Class Assitant Teacher

Lizelle  is our assistant teacher  in our 2-3 year old class

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Grade R  Assistant Teacher

Wilda works along side Annali in our Grade R class

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Baby Class Lead Teacher

Anne is our Baby class Teacher and has been with Wonderland for over 10 years.

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Charmaine is our cook  and has also been with us for over 10 years.

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ORT Assistant Teacher

Ashley is a new member of our team and is an assistant to all our classes currently in the baby class.

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Red Class Assistant Teacher

Crystal assists Marie-Cha in our 3-4 year old class.

Creative Arrangment


Baby Class Assistant teacher

Rochelle assists Anne in the baby class.

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Yellow Class Teacher

Odette is our teacher in the

18 month  - 2 yrs old class 

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Blue Class Assistant Teacher

Nelisa assists our Blue class with Jamie

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Green Class Teacher

Angelique and Lizelle  work in our   

2 - 3 years old class 

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Emma Don

Yellow Class Assistant Teacher

Emma is our Yellow Class assistant teacher

Blue Wall


ORT Assistant Teacher

Lee is a another new member of our team and is an assistant to all our classes.